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one such financial benefit is the agreement to sell iran all of its conventional oil needs for a fixed period of time at significantly lower prices than the world market price. the united states, britain, and france have given their approval to the deal but russia has said it may block its ratification. as a result, the other signatories are on shaky ground. nonetheless, the deal remains very much alive as it will be difficult for them to unilaterally rescind it for fear of inciting international criticism.

there is increasing evidence that iran is pursuing ballistic missile technology and is working on long-range ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads. iran also seeks to develop a variety of systems for targeting and destroying cruise and ballistic missiles, including bunker-busters, cruise-missile interceptors, and standoff weapons. after years of denial, the iranian government now publicly acknowledges that it has a nuclear weapons program. in fact, officials state that they already have the capability to design and build such a weapon, but it is premature to say whether or not iran is already in possession of a nuclear warhead. while this would not be the first time that a nation has acquired a nuclear weapon without having actually created a nuclear warhead, there are many more such programs that are now defunct or have never progressed far enough to be considered a serious threat to israel or the united states.

one of the most pressing concerns in the middle east is the crisis in syria, which has become the region s central battleground. the reasons for the syrian government s growing unpopularity include its crackdown on peaceful dissent and its willingness to use brutal force against the opposition. prior to the outbreak of the syrian civil war in 2011, syria had made significant strides in the fields of education, public health, and women s rights. these efforts were consolidated in 2009 when syria became the first arab country to ratify the convention on the elimination of discrimination against women. yet, as the crisis worsened, the government began imposing an ever-tightening web of restrictions on dissent, imprisoning activists and opposition figures and banning media coverage of the uprising. a lack of professionalism among syria s military forces also contributed to the syrian uprising. the syrian military fought against the israelis in 1967 and 1973 but failed to defeat the idf and was badly defeated and lost much of its equipment during the 1973 arab-israeli war. the syrian army also suffered significant losses in the 2006 lebanon war. 269 3d9ccd7d82


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