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Easton Rivera

Call of Duty: Black Ops - PC Game Optimisation Guides | GeForce - NVIDIA

to launch a game in black ops, you can select it from the main menu, or you can select the 'game' option from the main menu's 'file' tab. alternatively, you can right-click on the game in the main menu or on your desktop, and select 'open'.

Black Ops Config Editor

the ndisplay configuration asset contains the information that defines how the cluster network is put together, including the origin and size of the rendered viewports, the number of viewports, and the characteristics of the displays you want to use. the viewport defines the area that each viewport renders. once again, you can have multiple viewports in your configuration file and bind them to different viewports and displays. the viewport contains the settings for stereo rendering with ndisplay.

the ndisplay 3d config editor contains the settings for the viewport. this is where you define the parameters for the viewports such as size, shape, and transparency. you can also enable or disable stereo rendering with ndisplay.

minimum map size - 500 x 500 px - this is the size of your map in map editor pixels. it's not the number of square kilometers that the map occupies, but the number of pixels that you've assigned to map. the minimum size should be set to about 2500 pixels per side. any smaller than this, and when you launch the map in game, you will not be able to see the map, as the map will be smaller than the minimum size and thus won't be displayed. a smaller map can also cause issues with frame rate, and may affect the ability to spawn in, as some objects in the map cannot be seen from certain positions.


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