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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Free ...

While Dobby doesn't pay a huge role in Book 5, he does make an interesting foil to Kreacher. Kreacher is an example of a house-elf who has been destroyed by a lifetime serving evil masters, the Blacks. By the time Book 5 rolls around, he deeply resents having to serve Sirius Black (who the rest of the family hated), but he has absolutely no choice. So Kreacher looks for ways to bend Sirius's orders to allow him the freedom to turn Sirius over to the Dark Lord.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Free ...


Dobby was threatened many times during his time serving the Malfoy family and told Harry Potter that he was accustomed to death threats, because he received them 'five times a day' from the Malfoys.[8] Though he always did as he was told, he knew that their behaviour was wrong and he longed to be free of them.[3][5] He is the first house-elf seen to "break free" of his masters' wills, warning Harry of the Chamber of Secrets (Kreacher did this too, however he technically did not disobey any orders, therefore it does not count), and alongside Kreacher, is the only house elf seen who truly dislikes their original master.

When Marietta Edgecombe betrayed Dumbledore's Army to Professor Umbridge, Dobby immediately warned Harry that the Inquisitorial Squad was going to attack, even though the house-elves had been forbidden to tell anyone, but he told Harry as he was far more loyal to him than to Umbridge or Hogwarts in general and also a free elf that was not forced to obey. When he heard, Harry ordered Dobby not to punish himself for disobeying a direct order from Umbridge. Despite Dobby's warning Harry and the other members were still caught and punished.[11]

Dobby was the house-elf of the Malfoy family.[5] Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco Malfoy treated Dobby cruelly and were very sadistic to him.[3] He frequently had to punish himself and received death threats several times a day.[8] Dobby feared them, but did everything they ordered him to. In 1993, Harry Potter freed Dobby by tricking Lucius into unknowingly giving Dobby a sock. Lucius became angry and attempted to attack Harry, but Dobby blasted him down a flight of stairs and forcefully told him to leave, with Dobby finally getting revenge on his former cruel master.[5] 041b061a72


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