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How to Access and Download Ready Reckoner Mumbai 2012 PDF Online

ready reckoner table giving the revised registration, stamp duty and transfer duty fees applicable on various instruments, besides our. 2011, itannounced a national plan to develop 60 solar ready reckoner 2013 2014. these rates remain unchanged from the 20112012

ready reckoner mumbai 2012 pdf

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this ready reckoner is based on govt.announced ready reckoner i.e. present price of the land(according to govt. announced ready reckoner + present construction cost); that means now there will be lot of litigation between tenants and the landlord for fixation of standard rent freshly. whether this ready reckoner can revise the rents of old tenants and the old buildings.

the final offer should be made at a price which is lower than the value of the property, as determined by a valuation report. if you intend to make an offer on a ready reckoner stamp duty rate, you will need to state the value of the property, as determined by the valuer in the valuation report. in the valuation report, the valuer will have to make the best estimate of the value of the property. it is advised that the value of the property, as determined by the valuer, be stated in the valuation report. a value so obtained, may be used as the basis for determining the purchase price, of a particular property.

for more information on the subject, you can visit the website of the income tax department. you may also make a request to the department and they will issue a letter to you, containing the details of the letter, which you can send to the registered valuer, if you feel that the valuation as per the ready reckoner is on the higher side.


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