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The Ultimate Solution for Hotel Invoice Download: Make My Trip

access myCWT website, open your trip for which you need the invoice and click on Download button (this will download your Itinerary which in some cases can be used as invoice). Please note Download is not available to all clients so this is possible the button does not work for you.

Booked 2 hotels in HP for client based Mumbai. One hotel is giving gross invoice for which we will raise a commission invoice and other hotel is giving net invoice both billed to us. Can we show Hotel cost + commission charged to client + 18% on commission? If so, do we show gross amount of hotel 1 & net amount of hotel 2?

make my trip hotel invoice download

Dear Sir,We will charge a commission to the client. Both hotel bookings are for the same client. We will also raise a commission invoice on one hotel that gave us a gross rate; this will be our additional income.We will invoice the client for reimbursement of hotel room bookings total of gross & net hotel invoices and add our commission.The client and tour operator are based in Maharashtra while the hotels are in Chandigarh & HP.

In case of hotel booking through online platform like Make My Trip, whether the hotel should issue invoice to the guest (B2C) or to the online service provider (B2B)? Here consideration received by the hotel from the online service provider

We are tour operator and charge GST@5% from our guests.Can any of the guest claim this GST credit against this invoice ?For example, I sold a package tour including hotel and transportation for Rs. 25000+5% GST. We paid 5% GST to govt. We have issued invoice to guest mentioning package cost Rs.25000 + GST. Now can the guest claim credit against this invoice ?There are different answers received on this platform but not satisfactory.Kindly advise.Naresh

Where tour operator is preparing invoice on pure agent basis charging gst on only commission amount and taking only reimbursement of hotel booking, whether hotel invoice will be in the name of your operator or the client of tour operator who is service receipent? In case tour operator take hotel invoice in own name, what will be the consequences?

Hi Sir, you said generally small businesses act as pure agent and charge GST on commission/ Service charges only,Suppose a tour operator make hotel bookings not as per client requirement i mean fixed number of bookings every month then this tour operator aslo need to charge based on slabs? or how can this is chargable when he sell to their customers

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You can share or download a PDF of your invoice with the click of a button. This saves a lot of time compared to Excel and Word invoice templates, for which you need to complete several steps to export a document as a PDF or be sure that your client can open files of a specific format.

A: Yes. Our invoice generator should detect your currency automatically. However, if you want to make an invoice in a different currency, you can easily change the selected currency using the Settings panel on the right.

Tripcoin is a very simple app to use that will track all of your expenses against a particular trip. You can tie each expense to a specific category, enter a city location and a defined date and time. You can also include notes and a screen shot to keep better track of every purchase you make.

Hotels provide a bill to guests after each stay. If you have subscribed to eFolio, you will also receive copies of your hotel bills via email. You may scan or photograph your original hotel bill or download your eFolio to use as your digital copy.

To make it your very own, just click on the upper right-hand arrow on the document to download it for yourself! (If you have any issues or you don't have a Gmail account, we won't leave you out! Just drop us a line at and we'll send it via email).

Want to block time on your calendar so colleagues know you're out of the office, so people won't try to book meetings with you while you're on a plane, or to remind yourself of that flight or where you're staying? With AmTrav you can easily add a single component of your trip (a flight, a hotel stay, etc.) or add the whole trip to your Outlook, Apple, Google or Yahoo calendar. Here's how.

Step 4: once your click on Add to Calendar, a menu will pop up with different options to add the trip to your calendar: you can add each component (each flight, hotel, car rental) individually, or you can add the whole trip (the last option). The details of the trip component (or all components if you add the whole trip) will be included in the meeting notes on your calendar. Click on the option you want then click on the calendar utility that you use: Apple and Outlook will download a calendar invite that you can open and save to your calendar app, Google, Yahoo and Outlook Online will open a tab to your calendar where you can save the meeting to your calendar.

MakeMyTrip wallet enables you to make quick bookings without using your credit or debit card. This wallet will house the refund amount from canceled trips, MyCash earned through MMTBlack milestones. MyCash or the amount received through cancelations doesn't have an expiry date, but the amount collected through MMTBlack milestones will expire after three months. If you are using an MMT-ICICI co-branded card, then the amount accumulated will expire in 12 months.

MakeMyTrip wallet bonus or the reward bonus provided by the brand as a promotional offer. It can be used to make bookings for flights, buses, hotels, and holiday packages. There are specific criteria for using the wallet bonus amount while booking flights, hotels, and holidays.

Online coupons can help you save money on your next holiday or a business trip booked on Make My Trip. First, to use the coupons on a booking, select the best coupon from our platform. You can read more details about the offer before using it. Once you feel that it is the best deal for you, click on the 'Show Coupon Code' button. This will redirect you to MakeMyTrip's website. Do not click the refresh or back buttons while this happens. Then go ahead and make the booking as you need. The coupon will be applied during the checkout, and you will get to save instantly. You can notice Grabon written in the URL. This means that your coupon is active and will be applied to the booking.

There was never a better time to make savings on your travel than now. Book domestic and international flights, trains & bus tickets, or hotels online. There are a good number of travel packages and best deals every day. Experience the diversified scenic beauty, go camping, plan a vacation, go for a weekend getaway. We aim to bring you the best last-minute flight and hotel discounts. Get access to the best bank offers with ICICI, HDFC, Axis Bank, and SBI credit, debit card, and net banking.


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