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Easton Rivera
Easton Rivera

Gay Toon

This show, aimed at a slightly younger demographic then those before it on our list, is a brightly-colored romp through creativity. The show is centered around D.D., a child daredevil, and Phillip, a safety-oriented mutant egg. The first cartoon created by a trans woman, Shadi Petosky, the show is stuffed full of good morals and all sorts of queer characters. Most are even voiced by queer actors in this talent-filled cast, such as Stephanie Beatriz and Jasika Nicole.

gay toon

The neat thing about gay toon sites is that their imagination knows no bounds. From smooth and shaved young teens and twinks, to wild and whacky space-monsters, and from Oriental boys with shiny red cocks, to strange creatures; as long as there is sex involved you're going to find your imagination let loose here. Many of these sites now have gay animated movies too, with sound and subtitles. There are many good artists presenting horny work here, and many of the sites also have reality bonuses, stories and extras. They are colourful and fun, they make a refreshing change from the norm, but most of all they are wildly sexy. 041b061a72


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