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Set your own pace with Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control. The system can identify the prevailing speed limit and automatically maintain your selected speed within the limit detected. Advanced radar technology scans for slower traffic in front of you, and can automatically adjust your speed to maintain a pre-set gap from the vehicle ahead. When the traffic has cleared, your minibus will resume its pre-selected speed. (Option, requires SYNC 3 with Navigation)

buy minibus

We have used minibuses 11,995, ranging from 9- 17 seat, you can hire a similar vehicle from 20 per day or lease a 17-seat minibus from 395 per month based on five years at 5000 miles per year (all prices exclude VAT).

Hiring or leasing a minibus means there is no large initial outlay as with buying a vehicle. Hiring and leasing options allow you to make fixed monthly payments for the length of your contract. Apart from fuel, insurance and any repairs that fall outside wear and tear you will know exactly what your vehicle will cost you for the duration of your contract.

Regardless of the option you choose, and whether you get your vehicle from Castle or not, we are the industry leaders in minibus safety and compliance services. It is important you understand your obligations under a Section 19 Permit and Castle offers certified training and additional online and practical services to help you create and manage a robust minibus safety system. Read more about our compliance services.

It really is that simple. We buy any minibus! If you have a minibus (or large van) you want to sell ... contact us NOW! We aim to make the process simple and quick for you, we aim to offer fair prices and we operate and can collect nationwide.To start, just fill in your details and the details of the minibus you're selling. Let's go

This German minibus, in production since 1995, was created to meet various needs, such as comfortable passenger transportation and cargo transportation. Produced with different chassis, it can be used as a minibus, van, refrigerated vehicle or special-purpose vehicle (ambulance, mobile office etc.).

The game features the second generation of the minibus, announced in Europe in 2006. At that time, the vehicle received chrome grilles, massive bumpers, new headlights, redesigned wheel cases and larger air intakes, resulting in a more robust appearance. In addition, electronic stability control (ESC), hydraulic power steering and electric windows were introduced. The most powerful version of the engine has a 3.5-liter capacity and 285 HP (210 kW) of power.

Volkswagen has released the starting price of the VW ID.Buzz electric minibus in Europe, and it is much more expensive than originally expected. It starts at 57,115 in the UK, equivalent to $72,000 USD.

Some schools elect to a buy a minibus with cash, on the basis that it represents a long-term investment, but a growing number of schools are opting instead for a fully maintained contract hire option. Schools must decide whether they possess the expertise and resources needed to run their own minibus, or if they would rather enjoy the benefits of the vehicle in exchange for a fixed monthly cost, without taking on the risks or uncertainty involved with maintenance or resale value further down the line.

Modern minibuses often come equipped with all-round parking sensors, reversing cameras and air conditioning. Wheelchair accessible versions with a wide range of options and potential seating configurations are also available. A good supplier will be willing to work with you to deliver the correct vehicle for your needs.

If you decide to lease your minibus, an agreement of five years with the option to extend up to seven would be about right. The mileage of a minibus run by a primary school will typically exceed no more than 5000 miles per annum. Obviously the longer you keep the vehicle, the greater its exposure to component failure and general wear and tear. Also bear in mind that a tired-looking minibus will increase the risk of breakdowns and safety issues, as well as detract from the image of the school.

From bikeathons to bucket collections, the team at Horizons College, formerly Uplands Educations Trust, have worked round the clock to raise the funds and on Friday, staff, students and members from the Rotary Club, who helped raise the funds, gathered at their Headlands site to officially unveil the new minibus.

Cliff soon organised a sporting dinner with racing legends Johnny Francombe, Bob Champion and Carl Lewellyn giving their time and sharing their stories for the cause. To his delight 5,000 was raised allowing them to go ahead and buy the new minibus.

"Coming to this day and being able to have the official handover of this fantastic minibus is great because it will be helping these learners get to work placements. It is beyond what they have expected or aspired to and of course we have to thank Cliff and the Rotary for being behind us the whole way.

Over 25,000 models sold in more than 20 years: Sprinter minibuses have always set the standards in their class. Mercedes-Benz is presenting a new generation of successful minibuses from the brand with a star. The new Sprinter minibuses are more comfortable, more versatile and safer than ever before. And this is something you can see just by looking at them. A perfect marriage of form and function that benefits your passengers and your business in every respect.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-bestseller, innovation leader and namesake for an entire class of vehicles. Based on the new Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz is now ringing in a new era of minibuses. With elegant design the brand is known for, updated engine and suspension components, a new cockpit and so much more. There is no doubt that the new Sprinter minibuses will continue to be the benchmark of their class in the future.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses will be manufactured by Tremonia Mobility GmbH (previously Minibus GmbH) from 01.01.2022, but will continue to be sold through Daimler Buses. Further information.

If you want to use it for passenger use, hiaceminibus buy cheap such as hiace van wide and hiace wagon is recommended. The spacious interior, which can accommodate up to 10 people, is popular. Hiaceminibus buy cheap is the best model when transporting a lot of passengers.

If you want to use Hiace as a bus, choose Hiace Commuter or hiaceminibus buy cheap. Since it can accommodate up to 14 people, it can be used as a microbus. Because it has a high roof specification, it is possible to be inside a car without bending over in the last row.

hiaceminibus buy cheap is often used as a pick-up car. Although hiaceminibus buy cheap is often used for business, of course, you can use it for personal use. For example, if you want to use hiaceminibus as a camper or sleep in a car, you will be able to relax in a large-sized space of a car.

Castle minibus supplies minibuses for schools, and just for schools. Our vehicles are not converted vans, but are designed for purpose. Mercedes and Ford minibuses are available to your school through short or long term leases. As a school, college, academy or university you may have considered the purchase of a minibus as a valuable asset, however, there are options that could be considered better value.

As with any purchase you make for your school, the minibus will present an initial outlay of cash, followed by ongoing maintenance costs. The cost is often covered by extensive fundraising efforts in the first instance, putting pressure on the friends and families of students, but providing a great source of pride when the efforts are rewarded with the brand new minibus.

With contract hire, the minibus is never owned by your school, but it is rented for a set period of time typically three, four or five year contracts. At the end of the contract the minibus is returned, upon which you can choose to hire the same vehicle again, or upgrade to the latest model. 041b061a72


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