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New York Nagaram Songs Hd 1080p Blu Ray 44: A Review

New York Nagaram Songs Hd 1080p Blu Ray 44: A Review

New York Nagaram Songs Hd 1080p Blu Ray 44 is a collection of songs from the Tamil movie Sillunu Oru Kaadhal, which was released in 2006. The movie stars Suriya, Jyothika and Bhumika Chawla in the lead roles, and is a romantic drama that revolves around the lives of a married couple who face challenges when the husband's ex-girlfriend re-enters his life.

The songs in this collection are composed by A.R. Rahman, who is widely regarded as one of the most influential and versatile music directors in India. The songs are sung by various artists, such as Shreya Ghoshal, Naresh Iyer, Srinivas, Karthik and Sunitha Sarathy. The songs are a mix of genres, such as pop, rock, classical and folk, and showcase Rahman's musical brilliance and creativity.

The title song, New York Nagaram, is a soulful and melodious track that captures the essence of the movie. It is sung by Rahman himself, and features lyrics by Vaali that describe the loneliness and longing of the protagonist who lives in New York City. The song has a soothing and mesmerizing effect on the listeners, and is one of the highlights of the album.

New York Nagaram Songs Hd 1080p Blu Ray 44

Another popular song from this collection is Munbe Vaa, which is a romantic duet sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Naresh Iyer. The song has a soft and sweet tune that expresses the love and affection between the couple. The song has been praised for its beautiful lyrics by Vaali, and its stunning visuals that showcase the scenic locations of Switzerland.

The other songs in this collection are also worth listening to, such as Machakari, which is a peppy and upbeat song that features rap elements by Blaaze; Jillendru Oru Kaadhal, which is a classical fusion song that blends Carnatic music with western instruments; Kummi Adi, which is a folk song that celebrates the joy of marriage; and Maaza Maaza, which is a catchy and fun song that depicts the playful relationship between the husband and wife.

New York Nagaram Songs Hd 1080p Blu Ray 44 is a must-have for any fan of A.R. Rahman or Sillunu Oru Kaadhal. The songs are high-quality and high-definition, and offer an immersive and enjoyable listening experience. The songs are also suitable for any mood or occasion, whether it is romance, nostalgia, happiness or sadness. This collection is a testament to Rahman's musical genius and versatility, and is a treat for any music lover.

If you are wondering where to buy this collection, you can order it online from various platforms, such as Amazon, Flipkart, or Snapdeal. The price of this collection is around 500 rupees, which is quite reasonable for the quality and quantity of the songs. You can also stream or download the songs from various music apps, such as Spotify, Gaana, or JioSaavn. However, we recommend buying the Blu Ray disc to enjoy the songs in their full glory and resolution.

New York Nagaram Songs Hd 1080p Blu Ray 44 is a collection that you will not regret buying. It is a musical masterpiece that will touch your heart and soul. It is a collection that will make you fall in love with A.R. Rahman and Sillunu Oru Kaadhal all over again. It is a collection that you will cherish and treasure for a long time. 29c81ba772

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