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The Devil May Cry 4

As the mighty PC strides into the future, a choice faces the great console developers. Support the biggest and most powerful platform on the planet or miss out on sales: seems like an easy decision, but the results can be questionable. When considering Capcom's Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition [official site], for example, exhibit A would be DMC4's original PC port in 2008, a straight-from-console affair that could only be controlled with a pad. Great game plus great hardware doesn't always equal great experience. So, with the Special Edition now launched, does this devil finally get his due?

The Devil May Cry 4

It's something to keep in mind as the devil gamers know returns to action once again as Capcom digs back into its game vault and polishes a popular classic. Is it older and wiser or a re-imagined train wreck? Let's take a closer look and find out, shall we?

Ultimately, the special edition isn't quite the new Devil May Cry game folks might be hoping for from Capcom's Japanese team. It's certainly still solid but its age also shows a bit when compared to the more polished gameplay of the genre's new standout, Bayonetta 2. For folks who want to experience the classic Devil May Cry experience, however, it's a nice bridge to help tide folks over, at least until Capcom decides to unleash yet another devilish addition to the franchise. Don't forget to order some pizza while you're at it.

In the story mode, players spend about half of the game playing as Nero and the other half as Dante. Nero uses more streamlined mechanics that are more inviting for new players. Most notably, he has the "devil bringer," an enchanted hand that can pull enemies to him or toss them away.

Combat in the Devil May Cry games has always been one of the highlights. Not only is it about strategically figuring out your enemy's weakness, but it's also about exposing them while being as fresh and as stylish as possible, mixing firearms and melee attacks. What's more, every character handles differently. Nero wields the Blue Rose magnum while utilizing his sword at close range, and interestingly, his blade can be revved up like a motorcycle to enhance the power of attacks. Nero's biggest mechanic is his devil arm, though. You can extend a ghostly image of the devil arm to grab distant enemies and reel them towards you, grapple your way through the air, grab and throw enemies, and even pick up towering bosses to slam them down.

The Devil Trigger ability enables the player's character to transform into a devil-like form with additional powers based on their current weapon, while the character's strength and speed increase and health is slowly restored. The first three games also eliminated the need to reload or reserve ammunition.

Nero has a few key differences from series hero Dante that change his combat style slightly. Firstly, Nero has the "Devil Bringer" a glowing, demonic right arm that allows him to grab opponents in combat and throw them(both on the ground and in the air). Nero can also pull opponents towards him from a distance by using the Devil Bringer while locked onto a target. The Devil Bringer in game boils down to another type of attack to use against enemies, but its more useful as a means of getting around larger opponents: Nero can latch onto opponents when throwing out a demonic projection of his devil arm and jump over the enemy, leaving them exposed to sword, gun and fists. 350c69d7ab


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