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Yefim Fedotov
Yefim Fedotov

Pan Drums V1.1.0 KONTAKT

Built in controls and FX give you the freedom to shape the drums anyway you desire. Use the Girth and Stank sliders to add more character to your drums. The built in Compressors and EQ allow you to do all mixing without any additional plugins.

Pan Drums v1.1.0 KONTAKT


For over a decade, our mission has been to create an ever-growing selection of inspiring instruments, orchestral sections, drums, percussion ensembles, choirs, solo voices, folk and vintage instruments, experimental sonic contraptions, cinematic effects and sound-designed creations.

Navene obsessively sampled every nuance of his Starclassic Bubinga drumkit at Sharkbite Studios to bring you a massive collection of hand-picked drums including 7 snares, 3 kicks, and a variety of Meinl cymbals designed to strike hard and show no mercy. Each element can be dialed in to your personal taste with a wide selection of carefully selected microphone models recorded through a 1978 Trident TSM console.

Zack Ohren is a musician, engineer, and producer working in the San Francisco Bay Area. After getting his start making soundtracks for two Nintendo 64 games using MS-DOS based FastTracker software and his own custom drum/bass/guitar samples, Zack has gone on to engineer/produce/mix/master hundreds of albums with bands including Machine Head, All Shall Perish, Aborted, The Ghost Inside, Warbringer, As Blood Runs Black, Immolation, and many many others. Zack has also played drums, bass, and guitar for dozens of bands including Myotonia, Midnight Chaser, and currently Darkness Everywhere. Known for hard hitting drum sounds and massive tones, Zack continues to pioneer new roads in audio production.

Apocalypse Elements is a potent selection of aggressive soundtrack drums and cymbals for the free Kontakt Player, Komplete Kontrol and the S-Series Keyboard platform by Native Instruments. This library is an epic percussion powerhouse built for efficient workflow and incredible sound, with over 40 different drums, over 100 articulations, deep dynamic layering and 8 round-robin variations per velocity.

Brushify is the first brush drum kit created to reproduce pro drummers' techniques with your fingers. Based on advanced scripting and built upon sampling + modeling techniques. A dedicated keyboard layout will allow you to recreate brush drums playing techniques on any keyboard or midi/pad controller.

Most of us in our team are keyboardists and programmers (no drummers at all). We always wanted to see what playing drums as a pro feels like. This is why we did Brushify Pro. Our keyboard/pad minded layout will allow you to do things only a drummer was allowed to, until today.

55 Instruments:With a whopping number of 55 instruments, SSP offers a wide variety of both classic and exotic instruments, including bass drums, snares, toms, timpani, cymbals, celesta, vibraphone, crotales, glockenspiels, jawbones, rain sticks, gongs, chimes, tamtams, and many, many more. These instruments are grouped into 6 categories: Drums, Tuned Percussion, Cymbals, Metal, Wood, and Kits, of which the latter offers 7 sub-categories where some of the instruments of other categories are grouped differently for a commodity like Big Hits, Cymbals, Snares, Toms, and Orchestral Percussion, while others include other instruments like FX Drones and Toys; and the Big Hits combines several of the instruments for impactful segments of a piece.

Drums:As the drums are the main reason for anyone looking for an orchestral percussion library, most of the effort and attention to detail was put into recording, sampling, and programming them, making sure they offer the most authentic sound and many options for playability and effects like drum rolls, which are executed superbly.

The updated GUI in SSD 5.5 makes customizing your drums easier than ever. You have total control over the dynamics, panning options, and ADSR settings of each instrument. Effortlessly mix ambient room mics and close mics with custom routing options. Did we mention you can even change the size of the plugin?

EQ your transients, re-pitch your drums without losing any of the attack, reduce plosives from vocals, why not EQ plosives only? Add reverb to just the attack of your drums to get a much more focused and clean room feel. Possibilities are really endless, and we are sure that you will come up with new ways of using it that we can't imagine right now. Be creative!

Features- Hypersampled acoustic drum Rack Extension instrument- Large selection of vintage and modern drum kits- A complete drum recording session with separate levels for all mics, master compression and reverb- Intuitive interface makes it a breeze to create and tweak sounds- Recorded with a mix of vintage and state-of-the-art equipment in top rated studios- Built-in effects include dedicated reverb & bus-compressor- Build your dream kit from 75 sampled drums 350c69d7ab


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