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Fazil Arkhipov
Fazil Arkhipov

Tower!3D Pro - LEBL Airport Download Gratis High Quality

Barcelona airport (LEBL) has 3 fairly large runways, each of which is either concrete or asphalt. Barcelona is also so complex it has 5 control towers, each of which are included within the scenery. 38 Million passengers flood through the gates at LEBL making it a very popular destination and hub in Europe. DAI's latest release covers LEBL in lots of detail, after eight months of work by the team the scenery has finally been released to now add to your XP scenery collection.

Tower!3D Pro - LEBL airport download gratis

The detail in the airport is amazing, I think I have already said that, a few times! Certain buildings have been modelled extremely well, especially the main control tower, the spirals look phenomenal in the sim! Misc objects such as stairs and vans have been modelled and textured well, I like the addition of flashing coloured beacons on these objects, it looks great in the day and night.

Animations are not as plentiful as I would have hoped however they are still very present. The radar on the control tower rotates and some vans and cars will travel around the airport utilising another one of Mr Harris's great plugins, ground traffic.


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