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The 2030s are projected to be a transformative decade for the U.S. population. The population is expected to grow at a slower pace, age considerably and become more racially and ethnically diverse. Net international migration is projected to overtake natural increase in 2030 as the primary driver of population growth in the United States, another demographic first for the United States.

The 2017 National Population Projections are the third set of projections based on the 2010 Census. This series updates the prior series released in 2014, which was the first to incorporate separate assumptions about the fertility of native-born and foreign-born women living in the United States, since the latter tend to have higher fertility rates.

The 2017 series extends that work to include assumptions about the mortality of native-born and foreign-born people. For the first time, the national population projections will account for the generally lower mortality rates and higher life expectancy of the foreign-born, which allows us to better project for the effects of international migration on the population of the United States. The 2017 series also includes projections of the racial and ethnic composition of children and older adults for the first time.

Fannie Mae offers first-time home buyers the chance to buy a foreclosed property for as little as 3% down with their HomePath program. You can even apply for up to 3% of your closing costs back through the program as well. Fannie Mae homes sell in as-is condition, so you may have to repair a few things before your new place is move-in ready. However, closing cost assistance can help make it more possible to cover these expenses.

Some states also provide first-time homeowner assistance specifically for student loan borrowers. Home buyers who have a qualifying amount of student loans or have graduated recently could qualify for programs that reduce their mortgage rate, provide down payment assistance or offer specialty loans. Check your state website or consult a real estate professional to see what options are available to you.

Employer-sponsored programs are entirely up to the discretion of the employer and state sponsor if there is one. Many state-employer partnership programs also use the previously mentioned 3-year rule for deciding who is and who is not considered a first-time home buyer.

For first-time homebuyers, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) offers the My First Texas Home program, a 30-year mortgage with a low interest rate and up to 5 percent in interest-free down payment assistance. You can obtain an FHA, VA or USDA loan through this program.

Whichever lender or loan program you decide on, be sure to compare mortgage rates and loan offers across multiple lenders. This can help you find the most affordable mortgage for your first home purchase.

Plenty of home loan programs cater to first-time buyers. Many of these programs have looser eligibility guidelines to accommodate borrowers with lower household income, credit scores, or down payments.

Down payment grants, tax credits, closing cost assistance, and other financial programs are typically not advertised, so be sure to ask around. Our first-time home buyer guide has tips to help you both discover and get prequalified for first-time home buyer loans and grants in your area.

Group work can be a lifesaver for first-time teachers. While it requires more planning, the class essentially runs itself. Many students prefer group work too and feel more comfortable sharing their ideas with a smaller group than the entire class.

This is a common mistake among first-time TAs is not waiting long enough for students to answer questions. Wait around 10 seconds before repeating the question or moving on. Waiting will give you students time to consider the question and come up with a thoughtful answer.

Credit is important. And having good credit can make it easier to rent an apartment, take out a car loan and

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