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Collision Cb The Extra Match Hon

Basic hotkeys are active while playing a match. The player can change the hotkeys at any time, even during a match. There are hotkeys for abilities, items, unit actions, shop actions, chat, interface and control groups.

Collision Cb The Extra Match Hon

These Hotkeys do not interfere with the basic/advanced hotkeys. While basic/advanced hotkeys are only active while actually playing a match, the spectator hotkeys are only active while spectating a live game or watching a replay.

After the fourth tournament, Tina stars in a music video in which she rides in on a skateboard, playing the electric guitar. She also takes part in and wins a tag-team wrestling match alongside La Mariposa, in which it is revealed that the masked-wrestler is in fact her good friend Lisa. She also ended up in a film depicting her character embracing a guy on a beach in a suggestive manner. A snippit of this film was shown during a race Bass was involved in, which resulted in him losing the race as a result due to shock at her presence in it.

Tina continued to act as a mentor for Mila. She also had Lisa and Mila spar with each other to see if the former had fully recovered from earlier events. She also relayed to Zack her intentions if she were to become governor while training with him, and after a sparring match, was shocked to learn from Zack that she couldn't actually run anyway since she was too young.

She later encountered Honoka while doing a wrestling match with her dad, also noticing Honoka's eagerness to fight and offering her a free round. Although Tina bested Honoka, she nevertheless offered a rematch in the future, which Honoka eagerly accepted. She and Bass later had an exhibition match against Helena regarding a sponsor, with Helena unveiling Rig as their sponsor once she was beaten. She eventually fought against Eliot during the tournament proper.

On the other hand, Tina does have a kind and soft side as shown in Dead or Alive 5 when she tells Mila that pretty girls shouldn't fight or helps by sparring not long after they meet. She also indicated that she cared about the well being of children, which acted as another reason for her deciding to run for Governor (although she was forced to give up on that goal when she learned from Zack that she was legally too young to run). In addition, she also allowed Honoka a free match against her, and was genuinely impressed enough with Honoka that she even offered her an opportunity to fight again in the next tournament. She also encouraged Misaki to be more self-confident about herself, and personally told the Owner that she had confidence that Misaki would make a great Venus. On a similar note, although very much willing to ensure she benefits from whatever actions she undertakes, she is also capable of selflessness as well, as during her stay on the Venus Islands, she insisted that the events of the festival were meant to be "everyone's story" rather than just her own.

Despite her not particularly liking Zack in the manner he wants, she does nonetheless value him as a friend, as she personally told him what her plans would have been had she run for Governor while working out and making small talk, and even offered a sparring match with him, although she does tell Zack that he should have informed her sooner when he off-handedly mentioned that she was legally too young to run.

During the Second Dead or Alive tournament, Before they battle, Tina shouts, "This is power, Leifang!" She lifts a boulder and throws it right at Leifang's feet. Leifang gives a look of determination and tells Tina, "You don't know anything about power." Leifang leans over the boulder and demolishes the boulder with a single palm. Tina is impressed by how much power Leifang truly yields and whistles long and lowly due to it. During Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, it appears the two are getting along with each other but still consider themselves as rivals. In Dead or Alive 5, it is shown that they are now friends, as they pose together after a victory in a tag match, however the two still continue their friendly rivalry. Despite this, Xtreme Venus Vacation indicates they still had a fundamental disagreement on what power entailed, to the extent that it nearly came to blows before the Owner and Luna had them instead compete via a beauty contest to settle their differences, which worked to an extent. It's also implied during the same event that Tina was aware of Hitomi and Leifang's BFF status, since she correctly deduced Leifang had also arrived at the island from her earlier meeting with Hitomi.

Tina met Mila at Johnny's Diner, where Mila worked as a waitress. Mila recognizes Tina simply as Bass Armstrong's daughter. Tina encouraged Mila to enter the fifth Dead or Alive tournament and helped her train via sparring. Mila happily accepts and the two train together at the gym. They even spar with Brad and Eliot in a tag battle after she beat Brad in a match. Mila's fighting spirit helped Tina to return back to the ring and enter the fifth Dead or Alive tournament after her retirement. The two fought in the ring where Tina thanks Mila for inspiring her to fight again and they promise each other that they'll make it to finals, until both happened to be lost at the same quarter row of the tournaments by her father Bass (whom Tina cannot be fooled by his Mr. Strong disguise) and Hitomi respectively.

It is unclear whether Tina and Honoka have ever actually met each other or interacted during the fifth tournament, although Honoka was at the very least familiar with her, as she sometimes calls out her name during a tag match. Presumably, she knew of Tina via various pro-wrestling shows she had watched.

Tina and Honoka had a formal encounter while the former was fighting her dad, Bass, on the Muscle, with Honoka watching and even trying to mimic Tina's fighting style. Tina, noticing this, then offered Honoka an opportunity to fight her, an offer that Honoka eagerly accepted. Honoka was ultimately defeated by Tina with enough force that Honoka acknowledged that Tina was very strong, with Tina politely thanking her and offering to let her have a rematch sometime in the future. It was this fight in particular that piqued Ayane and Hayate's interest in Honoka, or more specifically, her ability to copy fighting styles that was all too familiar to them.

During the events of the sixth tournament, Tina alongside her father fought Helena in an exhibition match in order to gain a sponsor. Upon Helena being defeated, she revealed she already took care of supplying one in the form of Rig.

In the movie DOA: Dead or Alive, Tina (played by Jaime Pressly) is a pro-wrestler who enters the tournament to prove that she has real fighting skills, unlike (according to the movie) most pro-wrestlers. Her various job aspirations from the video games are not mentioned. In the movie, Tina seems to have a close friendship with Kasumi and the two share many scenes together. They are also partners for the volleyball match. She also appears to dislike Christie, though does help Christie when she needs it.

Page 143 of the August 1897 American Chess Magazine gave a photograph of Henniker-Heaton with a reference to, and brief quote from, his article on the cable match in the Pall Mall Gazette.

One full game and three positions (none of them particularly colourful) from the transatlantic cable match were presented in the detailed report on pages 1-6 of the American Chess Magazine, June 1897.

Characters are what the player plays as in an online match or local match. By default, the player only has access to six characters: Jimmy (a skeleton), Brains, and four characters solely available depending on what color the player is (Joe Blue, Joe Yellow, Joe Purple, and Joe Green).

"Derpy Rokko has a secret. Of which he's not aware of.. You see, for this derpy little rat is not your average lab experiment. Scientists have managed to alter his intelect, making him shift between extra stupid to super genius. Neither of his sides are aware of the other, so in a way, it is like two completely different characters in one. When the shift occurs, no one knows for sure, we just know that derpy Rokko tends to compromise whatever genius Rokko is trying to achieve."

"Often criticized for his bad practices of exhibitionism, Peely is definitely not a shy banana. Even though he tends to take things too far every now and then, he has a strict policy of only peeling halfway during matches for the sake of decency. He still thinks it's funny to take his clothes off and leave them on the ground in the hopes that someone will slip on them."

After being beaten up, Minu assembled his crew and fought with TJ. Jay proceeded to participate in a match, although late, with June and Minu against TJ and two more members of the Zephyr Crew, that led to June and Minu being kicked out of the group. Minu stayed at Jay's house after a while.

Yuna and Mia were taken by a group of guys and Dom rushed into the scene, followed by Minu and Jay. They fought with Vinny and other guys and they only stopped when Dom's father's workers came to their rescue. They did not know that TJ's group was filming the whole fight and uploaded the video online. The video spread the day after, leading to them being suspended by the principal. Jay was so shocked that he even fell down the kid's playground just by throwing a rock at him. Their suspension, however, was a chance to practice for the upcoming competition. Principal Nick promised to end their suspension if they were able to complete his training. They were task to drag a tire behind their bikes and ride up a hill. They all had to make it together but Dom was lacking the basics and could not get up the hill. Shelly came and brought Jay drinks and snacks. He shared them with the boys after feeling their envious stares. When Shelly scolded Dom and Minu for dragginf Jay into their mess, Jay was quick to defend them and told her to screw off. After the three of them succeeded to go up the hill, they were given the extra task to cheer up Shelly because "someone" made her depressed. In order to get back to school, they had to go cheer her up and get her to go to school. Jay talked to Shelly, but because of his inability to express himself, he failed. Then, Shelly asked a favor from Jay. In exchange for her forgiveness, he'd have to become her boyfriend for a week. 350c69d7ab


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