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Yefim Fedotov
Yefim Fedotov

Download Instant Artist For Windows 8 LINK

i have just downloaded this and was very impressed with the speed and ease of use. this is my first tablet and i am finding that the pen and touch feature is very good. the only down side is that the master tab is where you can manage the brushes and patterns, but you can not edit them. other than that i am very impressed with this program.

download instant artist for windows 8


drawing creation software with realistic vector graphics. best for digital artists and graphic designers. easy to use, the simple, intuitive user interface lets you focus on your creative ideas. shape tools include standard and custom shapes, path tools, text tools, shape tools, line, polygon, rectangle, ellipse, freeform, snap to grid, and grids. the program offers an extensive set of tools for working with pictures, including photo-editing tools for adjusting, enhancing and organizing images.

drawplus makes your artistic dreams come true. this vector drawing program gives you the freedom to be creative. draw and edit curves with precision, customize shapes and text, paint with pressure sensitive brushes and experiment with layer effects including professional blend modes. since drawplus is a vector drawing program your designs are easily scalable and can be exported for both print and web.

perfect for beginners and advanced artists alike, sketch is a powerful vector illustration and graphic design tool. design beautiful logos, posters, and more with the program's comprehensive set of intuitive drawing tools. sketch also supports all popular drawing file formats, including.png,.tiff,.jpg,.gif, and.svg. create beautiful images, logos, and icons with sketch, and export them to your favorite formats including.jpeg, and.gif.


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