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Fazil Arkhipov
Fazil Arkhipov

Download Xpand!2 for Windows 7 and Create Amazing Sounds with Ease

premium hardware the all-new xpand!2 v51 and v61 midi controllers are inspired by the hardware of more expensive software instruments. with 61 full-size velocity-sensitive keys, five assignable sliders, and an advanced korg-inspired octave up/down buttons, xpand!2's v51 and v61 offer up to twice as much dynamic range as previous models. also new to the v51 and v61 is the "time lapse" feature, allowing you to add a special effect to the sequence and play it over and over. for the first time, custom processing plugins can be assigned to individual controller knobs and buttons for ultimate control over the sound of xpand!2.

Xpand 2 Download Windows 7

expanded control v51 and v61 are packed with new features. besides the usual return-key (stop) control, it now includes the new position query function, allowing you to press and hold a key and play a note. pads are no longer round; now they are round and flat, as well as pitch bendable with the standard keyboard functionality.

expanded library of sounds extensive refinements and new custom-developed patches complete this next generation of xpand!2. you'll now get completely new mono and polyphonic sounds, while new sampled sounds use a streamlined and improved interface and include wavetables and fm synthesis. in addition, you'll find xpand!'s library is now available in more than 10 languages. additional sound options include collections of exotic, quirky instruments like eccentric mandolin, a set of percussive pipes, and two horns, and the "intuitive keyboard" feature adds a 1-octave keyboard simulation.


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