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Fazil Arkhipov
Fazil Arkhipov

What You Need to Know About the Crack Patch 8.0.2 for Football Manager 2008

International Management========================- Improved AI international squad selection (fixes issues with not enough youngsters progressing at national level and older players winning too many caps)- Fixed bug where if you were managing an international youth side and looked to organise a friendly with a national side, it would allow you to pick the full national team rather than the team at your equivalent level.- Ensured players with an international retirement date set in the db retire from international football at the right time- Stopped news about first game in charge for national managers when taking over a club side as well- Fixed rare issue with players being declared 'dropped from squad' for their previous nation when they have since started playing for a different nation

Football Manager 2008 Crack Patch 8.0.2


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