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How to Decorate Your Dogcraft World with Decocraft and Fairy Lights

World Downloads are downloads of areas of the Official Cyberdog Server. Though it is normally against the rules to use any mods that are able to download the world, exceptions have been made to allow the use of the World Downloader mod during the transitions between the Survival 2, Survival 3 and Survival 4 worlds respectively. During this time, the seeds to the worlds were also made available through the /seed command.

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This article contains a list of approved and verified world downloads of notable sections of Dogcraft worlds that you can explore. Each world is optimized for Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.13.2 unless said otherwise and may vary in size based on the measures taken to ensure the downloads are of a consistent high quality. Please note that due to the software used in many of these downloads, data such as chest contents, entity locations and block data may not be present or may be incomplete in many downloads.

Spawn CityCityWorldSurvival 1MayorsNoneOpened28ᵗʰ September 2015Location x: 950, z: 450StatusDefunctInformationPopulationDozens of playersThe Survival 1 Spawn (frequently mentioned with the suffix 'City' or 'Town') was the starting point for all Dogcraft Survival worlds and features many of the earliest builds in the server's history. It features arguably the largest city on any of the Survival worlds.

The spawn point of the world is located in a replica of Silkworm Gang Island, a major feature of ReNDoG's Season 3 of Survival posted to YouTube which occurred in a similar era to the opening of the Dogcraft server.

Therefore, the city grew in a wholeheartedly organic fashion throughout its existence. This had several implications and was the defining characteristic of the city, especially when compared to other towns and cities in later worlds.

My daughter loves minecraft and really wants a mod called dogcraft. I am not familiar with minecraft and have had trouble finding a step-by-step guide. Can anyone point me in the direction to learn how to help her?


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