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Twisted Metal 2

The ten characters/vehicles here are more deadly than the previous gang. Some old foes have returned, including Mr. Grimm (speedy little motorcycle); Warthog (army tank); and Sweet Tooth, the evil, cackling ice cream truck you'll hear in your nightmares. Even Minion, the boss from the first Twisted Metal, comes back for more. But it's the newcomers you really have to watch out for: Mr. Slamm, the front loader who lives to pick you up in his giant metal teeth and slam you into the ground; Grasshopper, a dune buggy that trounces the top of your ride; and Twister, the Indy-style race car that engulfs your vehicle in a dizzying tornado of destruction.

Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 obviously revels in a dark sense of humour but approaches storytelling and characterisation with the broad strokes accessibility of a Saturday morning cartoon. The kind that might secretly be meant for adults, but is presented with a touch light enough that kids may also find wicked delight in its twisted world.

Music further enhances that mood, with tracks incorporating sounds of revving engines and emergency sirens with chunky guitars and wailing riffs. In the Paris level, a fun metal cover of Frère Jacques plays over the mayhem.

However, once Preacher wins and Calypso grants his wish, it turns out that his "religious visions" were in fact hallucinations. It's then revealed that he wasn't performing an exorcism of a demon baby at all, but simply the baptism of a regular one, thus drowning an innocent child and murdering everyone out of his own volition (even if he was out of his mind). This revelation breaks Preacher's faith in himself and God, and he ends up jumping into traffic to commit suicide. This ending makes this list just for how...well...twisted it is. Both for the mind-bending twist and also the dark subject matter. It's easily one of the darkest endings in the series' history. 041b061a72


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