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  • During the 2012 football season, there were three cervical cord injuries with incomplete neurological recovery. One of the injuries occurred at the high school level and two at the college level. The 2012 total is 11 fewer than the 14 in 2008, 6 fewer than the 9 in 2009, and 5 fewer than the 8 in 2011.

  • The incidence of catastrophic injuries is very low on a 100,000-player exposure basis. For the approximately 4,200,000 participants in 2012, the rate of cervical cord injuries with incomplete neurological recovery was 0.07 per 100,000 participants.

  • The rate of injuries with incomplete neurological recovery in high school and junior high school football was 0.07 per 100,000 players (1,500,000 high school and junior high school players). The rate at college level was 2.66.

  • A majority of catastrophic spinal cord injuries usually occur in games. During the 2012 season, two injuries took place in games and one in a weight-lifting session.

  • Tackling and blocking have been associated with the majority of catastrophic cervical cord injuries. In 2012, two injuries were by tackling and one in a weight-lifting session. Tackling has been associated with 67 percent of the catastrophic injuries since 1977.

  • The majority of catastrophic injuries occur while playing defensive football. In 2012, two players were on defense and one in a weight-lifting session. Since 1977, 228 players with permanent cervical cord injuries were on the defensive side of the ball and 55 were on the offensive side, with 44 unknown. Defensive backs were involved with 34.6 percent of the permanent cervical cord injuries followed by member of the kick-off team at 9.2 percent and linebackers at 9.5 percent.

  • During the 2012 football season, five brain injuries resulted in incomplete recovery. Four were at the high school level and one at the college level. This is a decrease of nine, compared to the 2011 data.

  • In 2012, there were five injuries involved either a head or neck injury, but the athletes had full neurological recovery. High school athletes were associated with four and college football was associated with one.

A few football injuries also have resulted in fatalities, according to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research's Annual Survey of Football Injury Research, 1931-2012:

The Snowboard Game Full Crack [pack]

The man brought Paupaw to an apartment where Paupaw watched women pack crack cocaine into plastic bags at the living room table while the dealer showed off his firearms. Paupaw says he was being recruited to sell drugs, and while a part of him envied the respect the dealer commanded, along with the money he often flaunted, Paupaw knew what happened to those who got into this line of work. He was raised in a rough part of Brooklyn, N.Y., in the 1980s, and every other day or so, it seemed, someone in the neighborhood was shot or stabbed.

Jam-packed full of exciting mysteries and NPCs to converse with while uncovering strange secrets, this puzzle-lovers best friend has everything you could ever want from a dungeon crawling magic fest.

Excitebike 64 is full of hi-octane speed runs and epic tracks. Compete in a season and battle against riders with varying degrees of skill, then unlock secrets and extra features by coming top of the pack.

I always wanted to be a spy as a kid, and Mission Impossible made that dream come true. I was a little bit young to fully appreciate this game when I first got it, but I enjoyed it all the more when I came back to it later in life.

The forest and mountain landscapes are jam-packed full of enemies that meet their demise at the hands of Goemon and his flying Ryu, and the little platters of coloured dumplings that give you health are probably the reason that I love Japanese food so much today.

This game was full of classic characters and dangerous missions, made even more stressful by the fact that you had to wait for your blaster to recharge while battlings enemies and some of the jumps always seemed a little bit too far, meaning you had to try them again and again for around fifteen tense minutes.

Mario 64 rightfully takes a top spot in our Best N64 Games of all time because of its ability to still be interesting over 20 years later. From the very first meeting with King Bob-Omb to swinging Bowser around by the tail in those insane puzzle dungeons, this game has everything that a classic Nintendo adventure story needs.

Are you ready for the weekend? Spending time on the river, summiting a mountain, or hitting the coast for the next swell? This box is pack'd full of our favorite IPAs for getting after it! Crack a Paddle Captain on the banks, open a Nature Calls after a few miles kicking dirt and close out a session in the water with Profuse Juice. Action Pack'd is brewed for adventure and ready when you are.

Day 1The box for the Dakine DLX Cargo Pack Boot Bag was larger than we imagined, but still felt lightweight. Once we unpacked, we immediately started digging into the numerous pockets, straps, and zippers. The split-level design makes for a very large compartment on the bottom of the bag, where ski or snowboard boots fit. The top space has two compartments, one specifically for a helmet, and the other space for extra gear you need to carry (plus an inner pocket for small items). Both areas are lined with tarp so the bag will survive melting snow, and the straps on the outside of the boot bag allow for an A-frame ski carry or a vertical snowboard carry.

kitchen, bathroom, shower, queen size bed, twin bunk beds, table converts to a small bed, sofa converts to a full sized bed, refrigerator, freezer, heater & AC, 14' electric awning, requires 5000 lbs. towing package

Oh no, not quite. There was more. Much, much more. After the game, trainers suggested draining the mangled orb with a needle before mercifully deciding take X-rays of the area instead. On film it looked like a shattered lightbulb, and Livers was immediately sent to the hospital for surgery. (He was told not to worry, that there was a reason most vital organs come in sets of two.) As he remembers it, Livers drove himself to the ER because news that he was injured and needed surgery sent his wife, Linda, who was nine months pregnant, into labor. Connie Payton, wife of the late Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton, drove her to a hospital in Des Plaines, Ill., and stayed with her while she delivered the Livers' son, Alexander, who weighed more than 10 pounds.

Kohler went on to explain that as long as the infarction is corrected within eight to 24 hours, there shouldn't be permanent damage. Thankfully, that seems to be the case from early 2008, when then-Chicago Cubs outfielder Felix Pie missed a few games with what the team described as a "twisted testicle."

Twelve expansion packs have been released for the 2014 life simulation video game The Sims 4, the fourth major title in The Sims series. All expansion packs are developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, for the Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Expansion packs tend to focus on major new features, with many objects, clothes, styles, worlds and life states are geared towards the pack's major theme. The first expansion pack, Get to Work, was released on March 31, 2015. The twelfth and most recent expansion pack, High School Years, was released on July 28, 2022.

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs is the fourth expansion pack, released on November 10, 2017. On July 31, 2018, Cats & Dogs was released for the Xbox One and PS4. It features a new world called Brindleton Bay and adds cats and dogs into the game.[26] It also allows players to create their own veterinary practice and to pursue a veterinary career.[27][28] It borrows elements from The Sims: Unleashed, The Sims 2: Pets and The Sims 3: Pets.

In Cats & Dogs, Sims can own cats and dogs as pets, which are the main feature of the expansion pack. Unlike previous games, pets cannot be controlled by the player, similar to The Sims 2: Pets, and there is no cheat that will allow the player to do so. Sims can interact with these pets in various form of ways such as feeding, playing and training, and are able to bond with them through these interactions.[29]

The Sims 4: Seasons is the fifth expansion pack, released on June 22, 2018.[33] It introduces seasons and holidays into the game.[34] Unlike previous expansions, Seasons does not ship with a new world. The pack uses elements from The Sims 2: Seasons and The Sims 3: Seasons.

On the aggregator site Metacritic, Island Living received a score of 84 based on 6 reviews by critics, indicating "generally favourable reviews". However, reviews given by the website's users were substantially more negative with the pack receiving a score of 4.7 based on 33 ratings, indicated "generally unfavourable reviews".[7] Entertainment news website Geek Culture gave the expansion 7.5/10 commenting "The island and the world is beautifully created and the amount of effort and attention to detail is evident in its surrounding but regular players might be a bit unnerved by the lack of activity for this expansion pack."[43] Another entertainment website, Digital Spy, stated "Sulani feels like more than just a holiday destination. It's a living, breathing world that is easy to get lost in."[44]

On the aggregator site Metacritic, Discover University received a score of 81 based on 11 reviews by critics, indicating "generally favourable reviews". However, reviews given by the website's users were significantly more critical with the pack receiving a score of 4.5 based on 28 ratings, indicated "generally unfavourable reviews".[8] Entertainment news website Screen Rant gave the expansion a rating of 4/5 describing it as "a fun academic experience that accurately and entertainingly depicts college life."[48] Another review in the gaming magazine Gamereacter gave it a rating of 8/10 stating that the pack is "alongside Get Famous, the best expansion released in the last five years of the game's existence."[49]


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