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Easton Rivera
Easton Rivera

Thief Deadly Shadows Crack Only Nitro !NEW!

When Sonic Boom chose the highest mountain peak to lay her eggs, little did she know that she was being watched by an evil wizard? Wearing a cloak of invisibility, the wizard made his way to Sonic Boom's nest, where he hoped to snatch a baby griffin feather for one of these wicked spells. Wizards live on a disgusting diet of liver and Brussels sprouts so, while Sonic Boom could not see an egg-thief, she could certainly smell one. She filled the sky with an ear-shattering shriek and the wizard stumbled backwards out of his cloak. But as he fell, the wizard put the young hatchlings under a cruel curse. Now, the babies can only break from their eggshells, for mere minutes before returning to one of their eggs, trapped in an endless cycle of rebirth. Sonic Boom and her hatchlings have used the curse to their advantage, however, and are now the first Skylanders to fight as a family. Their specialty is wiping out spout-stinking wizards.[3]

Thief Deadly Shadows Crack Only Nitro


Glavenus' most striking feature is its blade-like tail. The blade-like tail is used in many ways by Glavenus such as keeping the body balanced but its primary use is for attacking. This tail can cut prey in two with a single slash, crack the ground easily, and even block some attacks. Though its tail is already a powerful weapon, it can become more dangerous once heated up. By grinding its tail on the ground or nearby hard surfaces violently, it can ignite the tail, heating it up to high temperatures. While its tail is heated all of its tail-based attacks become more deadly, also allowing it to cut through objects much more easily.


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