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Watch 5x7

"... It is I, be not afraid." Matthew 14:27 The title of this painting reflects back to the biblical narrative where Christ appeared to His disciples as they sailed across the night waters of Galilee. In this contemporary image of Jesus watching over a young child in sleep, Nathan's brushstrokes remind us that God's presence and comfort are always with us through life's storms and sunlight. In Green's treatment the child is surrounded by a colorful menagerie of plush toy animals, rendered in delightful detail by the artist's brush. A key element in Nathan Greene's work is his ability to show Christ's presence in contemporary life. The "Night Watch" continues this series. An ideal print for the home or a young child's bedroom. Postcards are a classy way to share your faith without saying a word. They are an excellent gift for friends, family and co-workers. Purchase several to share!

Caution Watch Overhead Lines Sticker Decal. This caution decal can be adhered to any any area where overhead lines are present. It points out the major safety concerns associated with overhead power lines. As with all of our products, this caution, watch overhead lines sticker decal is screen printed on 4 mil vinyl and is extremely outdoor durable. 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed!

O Apple Watch Series 7 oferece duas opções de tamanho. Ao comprá-lo, os consumidores podem optar por modelos com 41 mm ou 45 mm. Segundo a Apple, este incremento garantiu uma tela maior ao smartwatch lançado em 2021. E, de fato, senti que o painel ficou mais imersivo assim que tirei a minha unidade da caixa.

No review do Apple Watch Series 6, nosso editor Paulo Higa conseguiu ultrapassar a promessa nos dias em que não praticou nenhuma atividade física. O smartwatch também conseguiu acompanhar uma corrida e ainda sobrou carga para uso posterior. Mas não se empolgue tanto, pois o wearable não faz milagres. 59ce067264


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